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Clogged Toilet Repair Chattanooga Emergency Plumbers Choo Choo Rooter

Leaking Toilet Repair Choo Choo Rooter Chattanooga

We’re all the same in that we don’t think a lot about the toilets in our homes until there’s a problem. If this happens to you, don’t worry; contact Choo Choo Rooter. We have years of experience with toilet problems and solutions, so we can easily get to the bottom of any toilet issues.

Quick Toilet Fixes| Emergency Plumbing Service in Chattanooga

Please contact us whenever any of the toilets inside your house aren’t flushing well, overflow or leak anywhere. For a rapid response to your toilet problem, we are available every single day of the week at any hour you need; even holidays. Once you contact us, know that we’re sending out an expert who will be there before an hour is up, in most cases. It doesn’t matter where in the greater Chattanooga area you are, Hixson, Cleveland, Ringgold, Soddy-Daisy, Lookout Mountain, etc. we will be there as soon as we can.

Whenever you have to have something fixed, it’s common to worry about the price as well as the problem itself. Indeed, you should become concerned if you get an astronomically-high quote; that can mean that you’re dealing with an amateur or a company that isn’t properly insured or licensed. We try to ensure that every customer is given spectacular service at a fair price. We regularly check what the competition is charging to be certain that we give you the absolute best price.

Typical Toilet Drain Issues

The age of your toilet can often be the source of a problem. If your toilet was designed before the year 1994, it is using more than three gallons of water every single time you flush it. That can make your water bills go up and not only that; it’s an inefficient use of water.

If you have a newer toilet you may not be out of the woods either. Many more modern toilets post-1994 don’t have a powerful flush and seem to clog often. In 1994, Congress resolved lower the amount of water waste through requirements regarding a toilet to limit used water to a bit more than a gallon and a half for every flush. The first toilets made to adhere to the new standard weren’t always made efficiently, and you’re likely to need an upgrade. Today’s toilets flush well and sometimes even provide different flushing options for solid and liquid waste.

Getting a new toilet can do more than save your pocketbook; it can also make your bathroom function and look better. It might surprise you to learn that there are all kinds of toilets, such as pressure-assisted toilets, gravity flush toilets and vacuum-assisted models. Before you hire anyone to install or repair a new toilet, be sure that they are sending a technician who understands all kinds of toilets, as they can require different skills and techniques.

The highest-occurring toilet issues usually include the following:

-Weak flush
-Clog or other obstruction
-Double flushing
-“Ghost” flushing
-Damaged or rotting floor below toilet
-Base and other leaks
-Unexplained water drop
-Shaky toilet


A strange toilet phenomenon is when it seems to flush by itself, a situation referred to as “ghosting” or “ghost flusher.” This ends up wasting a lot of water. When it happens, it’s typically caused by a problem with the toilet flapper, which is usually worn, leaking or corroded. If that happens, water can, at any time, drain slowly into your toilet bowl from the tank, triggering another flush.

The situation could also be caused by an overly big refill tube.

Double / Partial Flushing

If you’re finding that you’re always having to flush twice in order to see all the contents of the bowl disappear, that’s known as so-called “double flushing.” The level of your water needs to be addressed.

Partial flushers have a similar problem, usually, a flapper valve that is too quick to close and is waterlogged. It could also be happening because the tank isn’t full enough or that the chain joining your flusher and flapper valve needs to be adjusted.

Unexplained Water Drop

If you’re noticing that the bowl water levels seem to drop dramatically, there could some kind of obstruction or there could be a crack or other defect deeper down along the toilet colon.

Shaky Toilets

If your toilet wobbles, that’s generally a sign that the floor underneath the toilet has to be replaced or repaired. It could also be that the grout must be redone.

Weak Flushing

Your flushing toilet gets everything it needs from the tiny holes that fill the bowl after each flush. If mineral deposits or other things are clogging those holes, flushing is going to be weaker than ever.

Toilet Leaks

Should you see water pooling near the base of the toilet or observe water stains in the ceilings of rooms on a lower floor than the bathroom, you’ve probably got a worn gasket. As water leaks, it can result in damage.


Gurgling, especially in the tub after flushing, typically means there’s a clog. The clog could be located very deep in the pipes.

Why Choose Choo Choo Rooter as your Chattanooga Plumbing Specialists?

Ignoring your toilet is something that you share with many others. When it’s broken, however, you can clearly see the need for the appliance and desperately want it fixed. If the problem isn’t repaired, that can lead to other problems, costly utility bills, irritation and at times, very severe water damage.

If you’re honest with yourself and recognize that you don’t have the tools, materials, skills nor time to handle repairs on your toilet, it just makes sense to contact a true professional. Here at Choo Choo Rooter, we’re fully insured, licensed and expertly trained. We can help you get your toilet working again.

Fast Toilet Fixes | Chattanooga Plumber

Any day or hour that you have a problem, we can help you. Most of all, we have reasonable prices and friendly workers. Instead of bumping up our prices, we investigate local competition regarding their pricing, and in the end, we believe we offer you the best prices in the Chattanooga area.

In addition to fairly pricing our projects, we give you a price right up front so that there aren’t surprises when it’s time to pay.

Few things are worse than thinking that the problem will be solved, only to have the technicians stop and start multiple times because they’re buying or retrieving the materials they need to finish the job. Our technicians, on the other hand, have all they could need in our well-sorted vans. That eliminates a lot of time-wasting and inefficiency, as they can get the job done right away.

If you need a repair, installation or emergency help after hours, you can rely on us. Anytime your toilet is being problematic, tell us so we can ascertain the cause and make the needed repairs.

You just don’t have to deal with a weak flushing toilet, noisy tank, or stubborn clog when skilled technicians can help you quickly and for a reasonable price. After all, wouldn’t you rather trust a Chattanooga plumbing repair specialist to do the work well instead of struggling with it yourself?