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Septic Field Line Repair Services Chattanooga TN | Sewer Septic Services ChooChoo Rooter

Septic Field Line Services Chattanooga, TN

Professional Septic Field Line Services In Chattanooga, TN by ChooChoo Rooter


Septic System Issues: Call ChooChoo Rooter

If your septic system is failing, you’ll want to can in the professionals to do an inspection and find the problem. Once the problem is located, you can then focus on the solution. ChooChoo Rooter is your best option for local Chattanooga drain field repair and replacement services.

What Causes A Septic Field Line To Fail?

Failing field lines may be caused due to a blocked pipe. Septic system pipes connect to drain fields. When the processed liquid flows through the pipe it goes into a leach line. Here, there are T-joints that will allow the liquids to flow out of the pipe and into the drain field. If there are any blockages, they are likely in this location. Often, the T-joints break or become clogged as the house settles or as the septic tank begins to settle.

Other reasons for the field lines to stop working are tree roots that break into the line through any of the plumbing piping. Heavy flooding or rains may also cause the drain field to become saturated and wastewater may not be able to exit the system which can cause the system to become sluggish. If the system hasn’t been pumped in a while, this may cause the solids to clog or overflow the system into the drain field. Roots from the trees and vegetation that surround the area may also penetrate the pipes and membranes.

septic drain field repair chattanooga tnHow Will I Know It’s Time To Repair A Septic Field Line?

When the drains are very sluggish or stop, it’s probably time for repairs. Snaking the system may not be the solution to the issue. It’s likely time to call in the pros and have the entire system inspected.

In many areas, there are lateral drain fields that may be added or another can be added into the existing system. Failed drain fields will leave odors and wet areas in the surrounding landscaping.

What Is The Process Of Installation?

Many drain fields have more than one lateral system in place. If the laterals are used too often they may back up and fail to go into the overflow of the underused laterals.

This will require that the area be dug up with a backhoe. In many cases, the area around it must be relocated or hauled away. Gravel and sand must then be trucked into the are and placed into the field. Older systems that weren’t properly designed will need to be redesigned so that they will work.

How Do You Avoid Such Issues?

There are many tips that you can use to avoid such issues.

  • In older homes, you can install a backflow to help aid in the drainage.
  • You can remove any trees that are possibly clogging the lines with their roots.
  • Never pour grease down the drain.
  • Don’t let soap bars go down the drain.
  • Never flush anything except bodily waste and toilet tissue and be mindful of how much toilet tissue is used.
  • Repair drain clogs immediately to ensure that the issue doesn’t become worse.


Give ChooChoo Rooter a call today and let us show you how we can help you with your plumbing issues.

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