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Troubleshooting Toilet Problems

In our homes, toilets tend to fade into the background until they malfunction. But fret not! With our extensive experience in toilet repair services, we've got you covered. At Choo Choo Rooter, we specialize in resolving toilet issues efficiently and effectively, ensuring your bathroom returns to its best in no time. Trust us to handle any toilet problem with expertise and professionalism, so you can relax and enjoy a hassle-free bathroom experience.

Rapid Response

We're your go-to bathroom experts for any flushing issues, overflow, or toilet leak repairs in your household toilets. Available 24/7, including holidays, we guarantee a rapid response. Our expert technicians typically arrive within an hour, servicing the greater Chattanooga area, including Hixson, Cleveland, Ringgold, Soddy-Daisy, and Lookout Mountain.

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Competitive Rates

Concerned about repair costs? You're not alone. Avoid astronomical quotes, a sign of amateurism, or inadequate insurance or licensing. At Choo Choo Rooter, we prioritize exceptional service at fair prices, regularly benchmarking against competitors to offer you the best rates.

Understanding Toilet Age

The age of your toilet can often lead to concerns, particularly if it was designed before 1994, when toilets used over three gallons of water per flush. This increased water bills and represented an inefficient use of water. Even newer toilets post-1994 may experience issues, as many lack a powerful flush and tend to clog frequently due to regulations limiting water usage to around a gallon and a half per flush.

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Choosing the Right Toilet

Congress implemented these regulations in 1994 to reduce water waste. However, the initial toilets designed to meet the new standards weren't always efficient, often requiring upgrades. Today's toilets offer improved functionality and aesthetics, with options like pressure-assisted, gravity-flush, and vacuum-assisted models. When considering a new toilet, ensure you engage technicians who are well-versed in various toilet types, as installation and repair require different skills and techniques.

Most Common Issues


“Ghosting” or “ghost flusher” is a strange toilet phenomenon in which the toilet seems to flush by itself, wasting water. This is usually caused by a worn, leaking, or corroded toilet flapper, which allows water to slowly drain into the bowl from the tank and trigger another flush. An overly big refill tube may also contribute to this issue.

Double / Partial Flushing

Experiencing the need for repeated flushing, known as “double flushing,” indicates a water level issue in your toilet. Similar problems, termed partial flushing, often stem from a quick-closing or waterlogged flapper valve. This can occur due to inadequate tank filling or an improperly adjusted chain connecting the flusher and flapper valve.

Unexplained Water Drop

A significant drop in bowl water levels may indicate an obstruction or a deeper issue, such as a crack or defect in the toilet's interior.

Shaky Toilets

A wobbling toilet typically suggests the need for floor repair or replacement underneath. It may also indicate the necessity of redoing the grout.

Weak Flushing

The efficiency of your flushing toilet depends on the tiny holes that refill the bowl after each flush. If mineral deposits or other debris clog these holes, flushing power will significantly diminish.

Toilet Leaks

If you notice water pooling near the base of the toilet or water stains on the ceilings of rooms below the bathroom, it likely indicates a worn gasket. Over time, this leakage can lead to structural damage.


Gurgling sounds, particularly in the tub after flushing, usually indicate a clog. This obstruction may be situated deep within the pipes.

Ensuring Efficient Toilet Functionality

Many people overlook toilet maintenance until it breaks down, realizing its importance only when desperately needing it fixed. Neglecting repairs can lead to various issues, including high utility bills, frustration, and even severe water damage. If you lack the tools, materials, skills, or time for toilet repairs, it's wise to seek help from a professional. At Choo Choo Rooter, we're fully insured, licensed, and expertly trained to get your toilet working again.

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Get in Touch for Fast Toilet Fixes

Our well-equipped vans eliminate unnecessary delays, ensuring our technicians have all they need to complete the job promptly and efficiently. Whether it's repairs, installations, or emergency assistance after hours, rely on us to diagnose and address your toilet problems swiftly and effectively. Don't endure a malfunctioning toilet when our skilled technicians can resolve the issue quickly and affordably. Trust our plumbing repair specialist to handle the job with expertise and ease. Connect with us today for more information.